Product Q&A

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How will they hold up in a house fire?

Hold up well! They begin to fail after several min in over 400f. I haven’t had fail yet except with testing. Also, Being mounted on your pants, lower to the ground helps with high temp situations.

I have a bailout in my right pocket would I still be able to use this?

I’ve mounted them on bailout pockets but might have to mount to the side instead of the front.

What about entanglements?

I designed these to be removed in case of entanglement. If you grab the Hook and pull horizontal it’ll release from your gear

How about with gauntlets?

They will not hook on the gauntlet. Only the leather cuff. I’ve tried but wasn’t as efficient using gauntlet style gloves

So the gloves will stay attached until you push that lever down and push your hands in?


They won't pop off if you're brushing up against stuff constantly?

The locks keep the gloves in place very well. But with anything having to do with firefighters, ripping them off is still possible.

How well do they work with long cuffs?

Long cuffs work well if they are leather. The cotton extensions will not work in the Hook.

Why are none of these shown with a coat on? Does the coat grab?

They land just below the bottom of my coat. The gear is designed to not cover your pants pockets. As long as you don’t mount above the pocket they work

Is this something to keep on all the time during other calls and they stay with no issue until use?

Yes they will hold firm during calls, we keep them on the hooks until use

How’s their durability?

I have yet to break one on the job. I asked a bear that I work with to try and break them and he had to adjust his grip three times before he could.

What if one of our pant pockets is a personal escape system?

If you’re talking about the pocket being completely lined with leather? I’ve personally mounted them to the pocket. It’s tight but works well


How does this work with folding your pants down when taking them off?



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