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Why the Handy Hook?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will they melt in a fire?

They have a melting temp over 400F, they will have to be in that temp range consistently for several minutes before they start to fail. When they do fail, the plastic will relax where its mounted on your gear and fall off. The back plate will land inside your pocket. 

Where are they made?

The injection molding and new stainless steel back plates are made right here in Wichita, Kansas.

Will Handy Hook work with any type of gloves?

Handy Hook will work better with gloves that have a rolled hemmed seam at the cuff without gauntlet extensions. The rolled sewn cuff makes for a stronger hold and allows the Handy Hook to work properly. They will not grab the cotton or nomex gauntlet extensions unless you roll them inside or out of the glove so the Handy Hook will grab the sewn seam.

What is the main difference between the Farmer and the Firefighter?

The farmer is my original patented design at 6” long and will doff your glove, hold it in place and then allow you to don single-handedly as well. Some of the firefighters I work with asked for sleeker version so I shortened it to 3.5” long, making the Firefighter Handy Hook. The Firefighter will still hold your glove and allow you to don quickly, but you lose the doffing function. Either one will mount on your material anywhere it’s convenient.

Will the Farmer version work well with structural gloves

Both the Farmer and the Firefighter are designed the same in the way the hold your gloves, ready to don at a moments notice. The difference is that the Farmer is 6” long to enable you to doff your gloves single-handedly as well. The Firefighter is 3.5” long and will hold your gloves securely until you’re ready to don them single-handedly.

Why do my gloves come out of the hook before my hand is in all of the way?

While donning the glove, make sure you put pressure towards your thigh which makes the hook grab. Then as soon as you have your hand fully inserted, pull out at around a 45 degree angle to allow the glove to remove easily.