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Dog Ear Stainless Steel Backplate

Dog Ear Stainless Steel Backplate

 -One Order Comes With 2 Backplates-

Dog Ear Stainless Steel Backplates!


Adjustable Backplate- This backplate enables users to adjust the Handy Hook's tension when mounting on your bunker gear, providing the option to secure the Hook in any desired location, and once mounted, Handy Hooks will NOT be able to be removed from your gear. 

Here is How It Is Used! 




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Glove proficiency reigns supreme

No more worrying about glove delays that cost valuable time during critical operations.

Made for firefighters, Designed by firefighters 🔥

Easy Glove Donning

This simple innovation lets your gloves' inner lining relax, making it a breeze to put them on. While also allowing you to don both gloves at the same time!

Specially Designed for Firefighters

Whether climbing ladders or navigating tight spaces this innovative solution ensures that your movements are unrestricted

New Stainless-Steel Backplates

We bid adieu to the old style. Our new two-piece stainless-steel backplates are not just sleek, they're functional. Tailored to accommodate varying thicknesses, they promise a snug fit, every time.

Swift and Hassle-Free

Whether you want it on your coat, bunker pants, or any place you prefer to don your gloves, Handy Hook adapts to your preference.

Why Choose Handy Hook?

  • Locally Made

    All our American Made products, including the new backplates, are proudly crafted in Wichita, KS. Improving the job and supporting local business is what we strive to do.

  • Speed & Efficiency

    Handy Hook ensures your gloves are always ready and within arm’s reach. And as for speed? Let’s just say, once you get the hang of it, it’s a mere 2-second job.

  • It's More Than Money

    Our mission with Handy Hook was never about profits. It's about providing firefighters with a tool that truly enhances their efficiency and safety in the field.

Glove Up With Ease

What are you waiting for? This product will change the way you don your gloves. Remove those useless glove straps and clear your pockets as our tool is unmatched when it comes to stowing and donning your gloves.

Advanced Locking System

Leave the locking tab up until you are ready to don your gloves. With this easy locking and unlocking mechanic it allows for a secure glove hold without reducing speed in donning.

Bring On The Heat

I have personally used Handy Hooks for years and have had no issues in regards to melting as these are made with high temp resin that will withstand 400F for several minutes.